Designing a custom gate can get complicated but we want to make it as simple as possible. So we have have the answers to your most asked questions + some resources that will help you with choosing your new gate!

We accept cash, credit card, and checks. Your project is broken down into 3 payments. To start we require a 50% deposit, 30% upon completion of fabrication and the remaining 20% once the project is complete or when you are picking up your project.

No, it does not! Some customers prefer to install their own gate which is why we offer installation outside of the gate price.

Then you are more than welcome to use them! We do strongly recommend that you have at least 6” that are set in concrete. We set all of our posts in concrete with footers in the open and closed position to insure stability and that it does not more.

Yes and no. Your deposit is refundable if we have not ordered any material or worked on any artwork/CAD designs. If we have done one of the above then the time/material costs will be subtracted from your deposit amount and if there is a remaining amount it will be given back to you.

No worries, we can leave it bare metal for you if you are wanting to paint it, or for an additional cost we can powder coat it for you!

Project timelines can depend on multiple things. A typical project will be about 6-8 weeks from start to finish. For larger projects or busy times they can be 10-14 weeks from start to finish. Every project is started in the order it booked and is allowed the proper time.

*Weather can delay timelines*

Of course! We ship just about anywhere. We have a company who we use that will crate your gate and ship it directly to you. Just remember you will be responsible for having a loading dock or equipment to unload your project.

Of course you can! Please remember that you will be responsible for bringing a trailer with straps and padding for the gate to be hauled with. You will also be responsible for setting your posts and welding the other side of the hinge to the post for the gate.

Yes, we can! But if outside of the 80 mile range from our office the visit is subjected to a travel fee. This fee is non refundable unless you move forward with your estimate then that amount will be applied to your balance.